Triple Port NTP Time Server

The NTP80 provides highly accurate yet economic time distribution over local area networks (LAN) using Network Time Protocol (NTP), the industry-standard means of time distribution over networks.

The NTP80 provides a cost-effective way of providing time from a trusted source, which is critical in many organizations such as airports, railways, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, etc.

Any business using devices on a network can benefit from using the NTP80 - not only can it use a selection of highly accurate, trusted time sources, it is easily integrated into internal systems thus eliminating network security issues that arise from using external time source such as the internet.


  • Economic triple-port stratum 1 Network Time Server

  • Can act as both host and server in peer-to-peer mode

  • Capable of synchronising up to 3 discrete networks independently

  • Client system accuracy to within 50 μs*

  • Precision timing circuits ensure stability in event of synchronisation signal interruption.

  • Configuration and alarm reporting capabilities using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

  • 1pps output

  • Supports up to 1500 clients


Input Options

  • Satellite (GPS, GPS/GLONASS or GPS/BEIDOU) via Active Antenna or Long Distance Antenna System

  • Analog timecode, e.g. IRIG-B, AFNOR NFS-87500 (see over for full list)

  • NTP (Peer-to-Peer)

  • LF (MSF, DCF-77, etc)

Product Specifications
Product Data Sheet

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